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Osso logoOsso Electric shares your concerns about operating an environmentally responsible business.  From lighting solutions to recycling programs, we have the products and services to make your business greener and more profitable.  We are proud to partner with Take Back the Light in diverting lamps and mercury from our landfills.
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Commitment to environmental responsibility is a key value at Vale Inco. We are proud to be part of the Take Back the Light Program. Recycling fluorescent lamps used at Vale Inco Technical Services will ensure that harmful mercury emissions do not pollute our air, water and soil.
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Ecospark Lighting Solutions Corp Ecospark Lighting Solutions Corp. is a major player in the condominium/apartment lighting retrofit market. We deal with the largest property management companies and were part of the largest condominium in-suite audit and retrofit project at Palace Place in GTA history. The TBTL program will help us continue to save corporations thousands of dollars and enhance their environmental performance.


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