Ecospark Lighting Solutions Corp

Ecospark Lighting Solutions Corp. is a major player in the condominium/apartment lighting retrofit market. We deal with the largest property management companies and were part of the largest condominium in-suite audit and retrofit project at Palace Place in GTA history. The TBTL program will help us continue to save corporations thousands of dollars and enhance their environmental performance.
  Energy Network Services Inc.

ENS is a well known and respected energy management company, specializing in energy efficient lighting and lighting maintenance projects. We lead in the provision of innovative and cost-effective services for improving energy performance for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities in the private and public sectors.
  Industrial Electrical Contractors Limited

ndustrial Electrial Contractors Limited is committed to environmentally sustainable practices in the electrical trade. The RCO's Take Back the Light Program proves to make this practice easier and in turn assists us in passing on the benefits of environmentally sustainable practices to our customer
  Recycle City

Recycle City, a true recycling facility, is always on top of current trends for a better Waste Management System. We accept waste from public, construction and demolition sites, and IC+I sources. As a member of Take Back the Light, we now take back spent lamps for recycling. Another way we are saving the environment.
  Relamping Services

Relamping Services Canada Limited is a proud supporter of the 'Take Back the Light' program. We are Licensed Electrical Contractors that specialize in Lighting Maintenance. We have established the benchmark in lighting service across Canada for over 40 years and are devoted to recycling every lamp removed.
  Rico Lighting & Electrical Services

RICO Lighting & Electrical Services guarantees responsive and affordable one-call lighting services for commercial, industrial and government organizations via the nation’s largest network of lighting contractors. We team up with lighting manufacturers and distributors in providing planning and design, installation, maintenance, and warranty serviced for interior and exterior lighting. With RICO Lighting Services you won’t be left in the dark.

SUNPETRA INC. is an Ontario company engaged in energy saving and retrofitting solutions for lighting and non-lighting projects since 2008. For all energy efficient or power saving projects, Sunpetra’s intelligent and cost-effective solution right from energy audit to installation, certification, disposal and eligible rebates can be trusted.
  eCycle Solutions

As Canada’s leading IT asset disposition and electronics recycling specialist, eCycle Solutions follows industry best practices to deliver secure data destruction, comprehensive asset recovery and environmentally sensitive recycling services with the capability to service customers in all regions of Canada.


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